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Implant Dentistry

Bridging the gap for you

Fixed bridges replace missing teeth, help improve jaw problems, fix the look of a sunken face from missing teeth, improves the ability to chew, and is often favored over dentures.
One bridge is a single apparatus attached by two teeth where one tooth is missing and bridges that gap. First those two teeth are prepared for crowns and then a mold is made to create a gold or porcelain bridge. We then cement the bridge to the tooth to create a new tooth.
Sometimes a resin bond is used and a false tooth is used on either side, rather than crowns. Metal brackets are then attached to the real teeth.
A facelift for your dentures

Modern root canals

Root canal therapy has been used for decades to achieve optimum results. Patients receive this when they have injured or decayed teeth, chronic tooth pain, temperature sensitivity, pain from biting down, and when there is danger of an
infection spreading.

A pulp chamber inside each tooth contains the nerves and blood supply. When the pulp becomes infected, it is removed via a root canal. Once removed, the chamber is then filled with a rubber-based material used as a seal.

We can do 95% of necessary root canals in our office and with modern technology, this is completed in one visit.